Nowa publikacja w JAPR

Informuję, że ukazała się moja najnowsza publikacja. Nad artykułem pt. „Redundant transparency: the building’s light-permeable disguise” pracowałem od maja 2012 r. Artykuł ukazał się w punktowanym czasopiśmie pt.: Journal of Architectural and Planning Research wydawanym przez Locke Science Publishing Company, Inc.

Zapraszam do lektury tu. Poniżej zamieszczam abstrakt.

Light-permeable materials are widely available, well marketed, and very durable. This last feature in particular explains their frequent usage as the sole cladding material on building facades, most commonly in lacquered, painted, or screen-printed versions that block the transmission of images from inside. This paper describes the newly emerging creative trend of using light-permeable materials as spandrel cladding, allowing the materials to simultaneously maintain their essential property of light transmission and enrich the spatial depth of the facade. Because these light-transmitting regions of the facade do not contribute to the building’s illumination, they are considered redundant. The paper defines the main characteristics of the trend and its two typical solutions: the shadow box and the cloche. The analysis concentrates on the aesthetic issues associated with the use of multiple sheets of glass in building spandrels, as well as a general technical outline of the problem. Case studies based on custom photographs and diagrams are used for the optical-phenomena analysis.

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